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Child Safeguarding and Protection

Safeguarding Children

Our Parish continues to implement the Diocesan Policy on Child Safeguarding and Protection.  The Policy and related procedures are implemented by the various Parish Groups who deal with children and vulnerable adults. The Policy Statement is prominently displayed at all the entrances to the Church and the Parish Centre, along with useful phone numbers for anyone who has concerns.

Policy Statement

The Archdiocese of Dublin and the Parish of Kimmage Manor value and encourage the participation of children and young people in parish liturgies and in Diocesan activities in order to enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.  We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are committed to ensuring their protection from all forms of abuse.  This is a commitment binding on all priests and on those who work in our Diocesan offices and agencies, and in our parishes.  It extends to all the many and varied ways that children share in the life of the Church in our Diocese.

Contacts - Diocese

The Director of the Diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service and Designated Person is MR. ANDREW FAGAN who may be contacted at (01) 836 0314.

The Deputy Designated Person is Sinead McDonnell who may be contacted at the same number.

The Director (or Deputy) will receive all allegations of abuse and will ensure that they are dealt with appropriately.

For complete information on the Archdiocese of Dublin Child Safeguarding and Protection Service go to:

Contacts - Civil

An Garda Siochana, Terenure Station: (01) 666 6400

Tusla Child and Family Agency, Lord Edward Street, D2  (Duty Social Worker) 01-6486500

The Child Protection Duty Social Worker/Child Care Manager of the Health Service Executive : (01) 415 4700

Contacts - Parish

The Parish Child Safeguarding Representatives are:

         Linda Ahern who is contactable through the parish office.


New Procedures on Garda Vetting Requirements (30 June 2016)

Since April 2016 the Garda Vetting Application forms and procedures have changed.  The process begins with the volunteer presenting in person to the Parish Priest with 2 pieces of identification and a completed application form NVB1.  You are asked to produce ID in accordance with the 100 Point System (see Proof of Identity Docs link below).  At least one of these ID's should be photographic.  If you are not meeting with the priest in the office you will need to bring 2 copies of each ID for the priest to take away.  He will need one copy on file in the office and one copy to send to the Diocese.  

Once the Diocesan office receives your application and ID docs you will be then contacted by email to complete the actual Garda Vetting Form online.  The online form must be done within 30 days of receipt of your email, otherwise the process will have to begin again. 

Before filling in the required forms please read carefully the detailed Garda Vetting Information and familiarise yourself with the Parish Volunteer Recruitment Rules.


NVB1 Garda Invite Form for Kimmage Manor Parish 

Proof of Identity Documents Required 

Parental Consent Form for Vetting 

Adult Volunteer & Declaration Form 

Parental Child & Medical Form 

Archdiocese of Dublin Child Safeguarding Policy