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Ministry Teams
The sacristans, Peter Butler and Margaret Ohle ensure the church is open in good time for all the major occasions; they also make sure the heating is on and leaflets are available at church door. They are on hand during masses to assist the priest as and when required.
Altar Servers

Encourage and promote and sustain the tradition of altar servers at all Sunday masses. Special masses and ceremonies are an integral part of the Liturgy. Formal instructions and training is on going and maintains a uniform approach.

Eucharistic Ministers

The ministry of distributing Holy Communion is one of the most reverent in the Parish, but given the right training, it is one that you too can do. The 10-00AM children’s celebration brings families together in the parish and most adults with young families generally attend this mass. If you would like to become a minister of the Eucharist at this mass. Please contact the Parish Office.

Ministry of Readers

This group have special emphasis on clear and concise reading. They are encouraged to attend scripture readings and bible classes to enable them to have a better  understanding of the gospels. The main aim is the proclamation of the word of God  and to hold the congregation attention whilst they do it.

Baptism Team

Our aim is to visit the families of the children of the parish due for baptism. We take the children’s details for the Registrar, we use it to inform particularly new families of what the parish has to offer, in term of parent & toddler groups, children’s liturgy. We hope we present a welcoming and inclusive face of the parish.

Church Cleaning Group

Our aim is to keep the church as clean and tidy as possible. The church is used for so many ceremonies, Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms and the special ceremonies during the year.

Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist Group

This group have been in existence for 7 years now and anyone is welcome to attend their adoration sessions. Silent prayers, readings, interspersed with hymns and a blessing from the presiding priest.. They welcome new ideas for each session.

Padre Pio Group
These people have a real devotion to Padre Pio and meet the 1st Wednesday of every month in the Church. Mass is offered for the sick in the parish and rosary is also said before mass. There is also a special blessing of the mittens as worn by the saint. The group would welcome new parishioners.